School Calendar

  • Happy Birthday Dear KHUSHBOO SINGH SOLANKI (12-C)
  • Happy Birthday Dear NEHA SHARMA (11-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear SHIVANGI PRADHAN (11-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear VANSHIKA JAIN (4-B)
  • Happy Birthday Dear ADITI TINKAR (5-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear MUHIBBA FATIMA (5-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear HONEY SHARMA (1-B)

Fee Structure

Guidelines Regarding Fee

  • The new entrants will have to pay the First Installment in cash only.
  • The new entrants will have to pay an amount of Rs. 500.00 as admission fee besides the other fees.
  • New entrants will also have to pay Rs. 500.00 as caution money (Refundable).
  • All payments should be made by post dated Cheques only in favour of  Maheshwari Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur.
  • No refund of fees will be made in any case, if a student seeks withdrawal during the mid session.
  • Tuition Fee and other fees are to be paid at the fee counter in the school.
  • Parents have the option to deposit fee in advance for the whole year.
  • In case a cheque is bounced, the parents will have to pay Rs.200/- as cheque return charges.
  • If the fee and the other dues are not paid by the last day of the due month, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. He will have to seek re-admission after paying the prevailing re-admission fee. Re-admission may not be guaranteed.
  • Right to change the rules is reserved.