School Calendar

  • Happy Birthday Dear KHUSHBOO SINGH SOLANKI (12-C)
  • Happy Birthday Dear NEHA SHARMA (11-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear SHIVANGI PRADHAN (11-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear VANSHIKA JAIN (4-B)
  • Happy Birthday Dear ADITI TINKAR (5-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear MUHIBBA FATIMA (5-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear HONEY SHARMA (1-B)

School Uniform

All Students are supposed to come to school in proper school uniform which is compulsory. Parents/ Guardians are advised to manage the following uniform for their wards in time.

Form 1st March to 31st October. Tunic ( Class I to V) Skirt, Blouse (Class VI to VIII), Ties with Strip , Socks, Black Leather Scoes, Cream Ribbon and Handkerchief (Coloured)
IX to XII Salwar Kurta, Dupatta, Socks, Black Leather Shoes and White Ribbon

Form 1st November to 29th February. Slacks & Sweater with v'neck (class I to V) Skirt , Leggings & Blazer (Class VI to VIII) .

Prescribed Uniform is obligatory for all students. Parents are requested not to approach the authorities for relaxation .