School Calendar

  • Happy Birthday Dear BABLI SAMARIYA (10-D)
  • Happy Birthday Dear RISHIKA JANGID (9-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear SWATI THONBARE SHIVAJI (8-X1)
  • Happy Birthday Dear SAKSHI GUPTA (9-A)
  • Happy Birthday Dear KUMODINI RAJAWAT (8-B)
  • Happy Birthday Dear DIYA MAHESHWARI (6-B)
  • Happy Birthday Dear MITALI PAREEK (6-B)
  • Happy Birthday Dear DISHA TINKAR (4-A)

Our Mission & Vision

mbv, is a name synonymous with academicexcellence. It's foundation was laid at Chaura Rasta under the aegis ofThe Education Committee of the Maheshwari Samaj (Society), Jaipur with avision to impart the best of education to the girl child along with a sense ofIndian cultural values as well as, widening their horizon and developing theirtalents in all disciplines of life.  It has more than 2500 students on itsroll in the current session.

The school provides ahealthy ambience by providing a foundation where concepts are clearlydefined.  It encourages the students to participate keenly in variousco-curricular and curricular activities by giving umpteen opportunities,facilities and training to bring out their best.  We are proud to say thatour ex-students have fared well in professional courses like Engineering,Medical, Law, Information Technology, BBA, CA, CS etc.  mbv is aninstitution with global perspective steeped in Indian values aiming to chisel astrong India out of budding minds.